Is it ok when my girlfriend text flirts with a man at the job? How do i handle it?


My girlfriend of 3.5 years is text flirting with a man at the job. I’ve confronted her plus she claims she likes me plus has no interest inside cheating. I’m certain a small fantasy plus excitement like this might be superior for her, proper? How could I handle it thus it doesnt go too far?

Thanks ahead of time.

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Answer by Frustrated Fran
No, it’s not okay. We 2 are inside a relationship, plus which relationship deserves regard. Simply like it’s disrespectful for we to commence going out plus taking numbers as well as the bar plus phoning plus texting different ladies it’s the same deal for her. When the committed that’s it. She shouldn’t be filandering about with other man playing create believe. Tell her to stop which or you’re out. We reject to be disrespected. Great chance.

Answer by Vivienne

You did the proper thing regarding confronting her.

Text flirting? Hmm….
If she was possibly fun-flirting with a friend at the job, throughout a conversation then it’s regular.
However texting? Does she do it about her own time? During dates?

Since we were along with her for regarding 3.5 years, plus we trust her, you need to allow her be/trust her.
If she moreover trusts we a lot, then she wouldn’t cheat.
If you receive a small anxious regarding it, confront her again, or greater yet, tell her it bothers we.
Girls could have ‘guy-friends’ they occasionally flirt about with, yet more like because jokes.
Does she giggle following a couple messages? Stay late at work….etc?

If she likes we, plus is a girlfriend, she must know why it bothers we.
If it’s at the job, throughout a REAL conversation, then it’s surprisingly regular, however, again…texting?

Give it several time, plus when the worried regarding it, or feel uncomfortable tell her directly up.
Get we ever had a friend where, they create we feel comfortable with them? Laugh at any of the jokes, are stick up for we? That’s possibly sounds like school to you…but that’s possibly the relationship she has with him.
Flirty factors? Like……?
If its like jokes then a advantageous, when its a small individual then speak to her.

Hope this has aided we.

Answer by kelsee
shes possibly bored guy 3.5 years is a lengthy time

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  1.   Ryan Dunn said:

    Ok my and my ex-girlfriend split up about last month so we was together for 2 years. We do not talk any longer and also have been from contact. She would be a large flirt therefore i were built with a problem having faith in her. Therefore we made the decision to interrupt up. We spoken to one another a week ago and she or he explained she’d a brand new boyfriend that reliable her however i did not get mad. I gave her my favorite wishes and informed her to make certain she stays with him and that i hope they exercise. She did not reply and so i reckon that wasn’t the response she wanted from me. So today she known as me and beg me to consider her friend to some funeral because certainly one of his buddies died. And So I did and that he would be a awesome guy however i discovered it was her boyfriend! She did not ride around for whatever reason. He explained but he understood I had been her ex and that he was very sincere towards me and attempted to become my pal. I simply told him to consider proper care of her and his mind up. She texted me and explained in the future over because she desired to pay me 5 dollars and so i went there and she or he was kinda outfitted up putting on heels and good clothes. I suppose she desired to impress me. And So I got from the vehicle so we did not say almost anything to one another. I simply went as much as her and required the cash and stated thanks and returned to my vehicle. She sent us a text saying thank we stated yup. Which maybe it was.

  2.   Rishabh Bajpai said:

    Here’s the offer: I’m inside a serious & committed relationship having a lady whom I really passion for

    almost 8 yrs. now and we’re designed to got married this season. Actually, I’ve got a 5 years old boy

    together with her. She was my first girlfriend after i was 18.

    Two yrs. ago I met this girl. She contacted me while I am around the roads. I’ve found her attractive and

    quite interesting. To create a lengthy story short, I’d cheating. My girlfriend in some way found the

    simcard that we “solely” use for that other girl. That’s how she discovered about my affair.

    I apologized and begged ’til I am blue hard and ended the affair. Knowing my girlfriend,

    I understood she’d forgive, but forget? Never.

    A couple of several weeks back I met another girl while I am going to work. We exchanged

    amounts and started teasing on the texts however it was nothing seroius whatsoever!

    It had been just harmless txting trust me. I’d rather not betray her and also have another


    Eventually, she discovered again. I requested another chance. I figured we we are awesome

    but apparently not because she finally left me and introduced our boy.

    I wish to win her once again. But it is like they disappeared in nothing.

    I could not locate them whatsoever!!! I understand she will provide good enough for the boy

    because she also offers a reliable job however i wanna be around her to assist her out

    once the going will get rough, guess what happens I am talking about?

    Help me. I am so confused. Regret really comes last because

    whether it does arrives first only then do we wouldn’t have mistakes, right? It kills me

    to consider that she’s with another person now. They are the very best factor that

    ever became of me. And today they are gone and might be past too far? No

    title calling please. I am so troubled at this time, I would place a bullet

    within my brain! Help me. Maybe men tend to be more weak? She’s an

    amazing lady. Maybe I possibly could never discover the unconditional love she

    provided. Shall We Be Held far too late? Must I employ a private eye?

    Must I call law enforcement? But my buddies explained that i’ts not

    kidnapping because she’s mom. But he’s my child too!!!

  3.   Taylor G said:

    the age of should someone start their first real relationship[???

    yeah like long-term

  4.   Caltel T said:

    Exactly what is a female brought relationship? Could it be advantageous or dangerous to some relationship?

  5.   Agent 47 said:

    The final relationship I had been in was great. We grew to become great buddies during the period of about 6 several weeks and finally had feelings for one another and were together for four years.

    My real question is if this sounds like how most associations begin? Would you normally become familiar with an individual as buddies after which feelings develop or have you got love in the beginning sight? The romance in the beginning sight factor does not occur to me. I am wondering the way you all experienced your associations?

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